Circle J Ranch Vintage Cars




One Trip Package

The formally attired driver will arrive about 45 minutes early and perform a quick clean. For night weddings, we will bring LED light panels and tripods to light up the exterior and interior of the car.  When it is time to depart, the driver will get luggage aboard, get the newlyweds seated, and when all are set, execute a graceful departure. Our drivers take their time driving so that the couple can wind down a bit, enjoy the moment, the vintage car, and each other. Upon arrival at the destination, the driver will help everyone out of the car, gather luggage, and help all get into the hotel. He will also text a friend or loved one to let them know of a safe arrival at the destination.  This service is priced at $500 for all cars. We serve the Austin Metro area and all downtown hotels - service outside of our normal area may require an additional fee.


Two Trip Package

Wedding and Reception at Different Locations. Same as One Trip Package plus transport Bride and Groom to reception. Total time included is 4 hours. $600


Full Package

Same as Two Trip Package plus car remains at reception until it is over and transports Bride and Groom to hotel. Total time included is 6 hours. $800


Two Car Package

1941 Cadillac and 1962 Bentley. Use any car for the first trip, and any other car for second trip. Mix and match the two cars to meet your preferences. Add $200 to two trip or full day package.



Red carpet, champagne toast, flowers, personalized license plates-let us know what you want, and we will work with you.



Add us to Your Registry - An exciting gift that will last forever in your photos!